Robert Marc

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Robert Marc frames, warranty and repairs, and more. For additional information, please contact us here.

  • Where can I purchase Robert Marc frames?

    You can purchase Robert Marc frames from one of our many Robert Marc stores in New York City. Our staff would be delighted to help you purchase a frame or assist you with any other inquiries. Visit us here for a list of Robert Marc stores.

  • I am not located in New York City. Is there another way to purchase Robert Marc frames?

    You may browse our website to view the collection and place a telephone order with our Flagship Store in New York City. They will be pleased to work with you and are able to arrange global shipping for your purchase.  Please see below for their contact information:

    190 Columbus Avenue
    Btwn 68th & 69th Street
    New York, NY 10023

    To search for an authorized optician that carries the Robert Marc Collection in your area, use our store locator and select your state or country if you are outside of the United States. This will provide you with a list of store locations, telephone number and a map of the surrounding area.

  • How can I purchase your frames online?

    We currently do not retail our frames online. However, you may call or visit a Robert Marc store and they will be happy help you purchase a frame.  For your convenience, our store locations and telephone numbers can be found here. If you are not in the New York City area, you may call in to place an order and we can have frames shipped to your address. Alternatively, you can use our store locator to find an authorized optician that carries the Robert Marc Collection in your area.

  • My current Robert Marc frames are defective or loose. How can I get them repaired or adjusted?

    Take your frames to the retail store where you purchased them and request to have them evaluated. Be advised that Robert Marc frames are made of the highest quality acetate utilized in luxury eyewear. The acetate is made from natural cotton fibers and possesses the same warm porous characteristics of cotton. Different skin conditions, weather, humidity, detergents, wear, etc. can affect the material and, over time, well worn frames may become loose and out of shape. This is a natural occurrence, and is not a defect.

    We do warranty frames for defects of material and workmanship for a period of up to 1 year. The warranty does not cover wear and tear from use. We will look at the frames and decide the best course of action, and if the frames may be covered under the warranty.

  • How can I find out what frame model a celebrity is wearing?

    To find out the Robert Marc frame model on a celebrity, email us at and let us know which celebrity and where you saw the frame. We can provide you with model details so you may then contact one of our many Robert Marc stores to purchase the frame. Please visit us here for list of store locations and telephone numbers.

  • Where can I get pricing information?

    To find out the price of a Robert Marc frame, call or visit one of our many Robert Marc stores. Just give them the model information you’re interested in and they would be delighted to help you. If you’re not located in New York City, use our store locator to find a Robert Marc retailer in your area.

  • What is your return and exchange policy?

    No refunds. Store credit is available only within 10 days if merchandise is in original condition and accompanied by a receipt. There are no returns or exchanges on custom orders or sale items.

  • Who can I reach out to in regards to feedback or a complaint?

    For feedback and complaints, write to us using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you about your experiences and feedback.