Robert Marc


May 4, 2017


Sally Hershberger is not just a famed celebrity hairstylist, she is also a style inspiration with a look that is at once chic, edgy and casual. When eyewear designer Robert Marc met her at a Hamptons lunch, she sported a pair of vintage aviator sunglasses that were just on the right side of worn-out. He was instantly smitten.

“She confessed that while she loved the frames, they weren’t perfect, and it had been difficult to find aviator sunglasses she really liked,” Marc recalled. “Thus, I set out to create the ideal aviator just for her, perfect in proportion and color, and paired with mirrored lenses for the quintessential Sally look.

“I’ve always been inspired by people who have a relaxed, natural but precise, sexy and confident sense of style,” he added. “Clearly, that describes Sally to a tee!”

The admiration is mutual. “Robert and I share a passion for perfection, working tirelessly to create a style that looks effortless, cool and chic,” Hershberger said.

The Robert Marc Sally Hershberger Aviator updates the classic American aviator in a modern way. Handmade in Japan of lightweight, durable Titanium, it comes with mirrored lenses in six tones. A yellow gold titanium with 24-karat yellow gold mirrored lenses, for example, nods to the Sally Hershberger 24K haircare line.

“This aviator is for the modern man or woman who appreciates beauty, craftsmanship and perfectly executed design,” the eyewear designer said.

Hershberger approves. “It’s genius.”