Robert Marc


August 29, 2013

Robert Marc’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection reflects the natural splendor of the American West and its vast River Canyons. Set among the deserts and plateaus that stretch across the heart of the country, these oases of beauty and life are home to colorful, soaring, and twisting stone forms that dazzle the eye and defy the imagination.

“In America’s River Canyons, the stone is luminous, vivid, and jewel-like,” says Robert Marc. “Amid such a rough and powerful landscape, the exceptionally rich colors are awe-inspiring.”

The collection derives subtle patterns and luxurious hues from those canyons, carved organically by rushing water, baked by the summer sun, and flourishing with life. This depth and variety is captured in sophisticated combinations of textures and shades, celebrating the incredible range in these magnificent natural jewels.

This season’s women’s styles feature fronts with smooth, marbled color, offset by solid, bright temple interiors. The River Canyon Collection includes five new colors for women: Granite, Painted Tortoise, Cinnabar, River and Juniper.

The new men’s styles feature sculpted contours and bold simplicity. The collection includes new men’s colors: Graphite, Grey Shale, Brown Mesa and Vintage Amber.

The Robert Marc River Canyon Collection will be available in Robert Marc stores as well as exclusive retailers throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.