Robert Marc


October 5, 2015


The Fall / Winter 2015 Robert Marc Five Colors Collection celebrates the graphic expression of 20th Century American painters who paired vivid hues to simple yet striking effect. Known as hard edge painting, the color blocking technique combines the distinct composition of geometric abstraction with bold vibrant colors.

 “Abstract American painters like Ellsworth Kelly understood how to use minimalist compositions and strong geometric shapes to create images with visual energy,” says Robert Marc. “Color was intentional and impactful, making each piece a strong statement with the appearance of minimal effort.”­

Like the American masters, Robert’s new collection is lucidly composed, and features blocks of contrasting yet complimentary colors on smooth surface planes of artisanal custom acetate. The intentional composition emphasizes both the design simplicity and unique colors of the collection, for a style that is fresh, clean and current.

The women’s collection is an array of bold looks interpreted with a modern color blocking palette inspired by contemporary art. The season’s colors are 1) Abstract Tortoise-Black 2) Teal-Azure 3) Nightfall-Mulberry 4) Cobalt-Raw Sienna 5) Currant-Pewter. 

Men’s styles are for the adventurous male- dynamic, smart and sophisticated. Colors include 1) Matte Black-Tortoise 2) Matte Brandy 3) Whiskey Tortoise 4) Matte Aegean Blue 5) Artisan Grey Gradient.

The Robert Marc Five Colors Collection is available in Robert Marc Stores as well as exclusive retailers throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.