Robert Marc


January 17, 2017


“I can’t think of anything better than going away in the dead of winter to some place warm and sunny” says Robert Marc. “The second I arrive on a tropical island, summer returns; the sun is shining, the air is warm and the sea is revitalizing.  It is perfection, without pretense or suspicion.”

The Robert Marc 2017 Resort Collection transports us to a tropical island beach where the beauty of the natural landscape is reflected by the surrounding water, creating a splendid feeling of isolation with an atmosphere of lightness and happiness. The Collection contrasts softly tinted crystal with opaque marbled acetates, offering versatile and sophisticated colors which reflect the emotion and supremacy of island simplicity with richness and beauty. Colors are inspired by objects found along an island beach walk: Sea Shell, Blue Reef, Coconut, Sea Glass, and Calico Shell.  The frames are named after exotic island getaways: Fiji, Tahiti, Makira, Mai Kai, and Kaina.