Robert Marc


November 4, 2016


In 1981, at 190 Columbus Avenue, Robert Marc opened his first boutique in New York, an extraordinary city that has become eponymous with the brand. Authentic. Optimistic. Passionate. Enduring. The Dream. The 2016 Fall/Winter Collection touches our past as we craft our future.

 “This collection coincides with our 35th anniversary, and in looking back, I’m reminded of the excitement and optimism of that first day” says Robert Marc. “This new collection, in a way, celebrates our New York heritage - reinterpreted and modernized.  New York has an energy that is distinct and alluring, a complexity that communicates its uniqueness and greatness.  It’s a city that is at once chic and bohemian, traditional and modern, imposing and intimate.” 

The 2016 Fall / Winter Collection celebrates the dynamic flair and charisma that makes New York.  Bold contour lines of striking symmetry create great style and elegance, exemplifying the beauty of the manufactured jungle. The women’s collection embodies cleverness and grace, and features the new “Spectator Hinge”, highlighting Robert Marc’s trademark hinge in contrasting color. Women’s colors are Brownstone, Chelsea Tortoise, Broadway Red, Empire Blue, Lexington Green and NYC Black.

Men’s styles are for smart and determined gentlemen who, like this quick-thinking city, exhibit a cutting sense of humor and wild ambition. Men’s colors are reimagined editions of timeless masculine materials: 1981 Tortoise Blue, 1981 Tortoise Olive, 1981 Tortoise, Hudson and Vintage Crystal.